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Precise GEO

With Geo targeting for India, your website gets traffic primarily from India improving your regional Alexa and SimilarWeb ranks more than in the rest of the world. As a result, your rankings with the major search engines improve making your website more visible to your prospective customers.

The easier it is to find you, the more customers head your way, driving your traffic numbers even higher! Your brand’s relevance grows thanks to greater traffic & ranking figures, so prospective customers do not just browse the pages, they actually click through to learn more and to convert. Each click, each rise in rankings, increases the trust that your partners and clients from India put in you.

Your business grow through Geo Targeting

Our goal is to get your brand in front of your prospective customers. We use smart geo targeting to help you reach households and businesses across India. We'll increase your traffic to get your message out there.

With a monthly subscription, you'll see mass traffic flowing hourly and daily, evenly distributed across the region of your choice. We offer various tariffs for different business size.

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The rankings are monthly averages, we recommend to keep the
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Each plan offers guaranteed Alexa boost. The warranty works in case of you having a certified Alexa account and you provide us with access to it for us being able to control your ranking improve.

The rankings are monthly averages, we recommend to keep the subscription on for the ranking to be long term and stable.

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