3 reasons to take care of your Alexa Rank

There are too many figures in our modern life to keep track of them all. You have to choose something. This article is to suggest that Alexa Rank should be among the main figures on your list.

There are at least three reasons for that.

1. Alexa Rank correlates with Google Page Rank and others
The better your Alexa rank, the better your performance in Google search results. The difference is that the latter are based on relevance to the search query. Thus, getting in the top 100’000 of the Alexa Rank significantly increases your chances to find your website in Google’s top 10. But keep in mind that Google algorithms are concealed, so there is no way you can be sure (besides trying it).

2. Advertisers consider websites’ Alexa Rank before taking decisions
Although Google Analytics is the main traffic data source and decision making tool for marketers and advertisers, smart experts take other rankings into account for consistency and deeper insights. Alexa Rank has been popular as an important instrument to estimate the website’s quality, popularity, and authority, among advertisers for years now.

3. Competition spirit
You don’t have to be greater than Google. But you can - and should! - outperform your competitors. Improving your Alexa Rank is a great step forward to that accomplishment.

So how do I improve it?

Alexa Rank measures your website’s authority on the basis of the page views it gets. Quite straightforwardly, to improve your Alexa Rank you should grow your traffic.
Now check the methods below. Which of them do you already use, and which do you want to take advantage of?

Method Features
Content marketing
Users value original and useful content, and so does Google. To get more traffic from search engines and from shares you have to post lots of expert content.
Expensive and time consuming but native and safe
Keyword optimization
Users don’t care what specific words you use and how often you use them. What matters to them is your content making sense. Unlike people, robots count the words and their relevance to the users’ search queries. So you have to take care about the words to get more organic traffic.
Lots of experience has been aggregated over decades, but the weight of keywords in the algorithms is decreasing, and there is always a risk to spam your content even with proper words
Other websites, especially highly ranked, referring to your website share their authority with you. This makes also the search traffic more likely to be sent to your pages.
Backlinks are safe, but getting enough of them may prove expensive as backlink competition enters a rat race
Traffic partner
Working with us, you get real high-quality traffic. Your position on the Alexa ranking grows fast, and your Google positions improve day by day.
This option is the quickest and the cheapest, yet it’s completely safe.

Distribute your energy and resources wisely, use effective tools that save your time and money, and your business will grow beyond your expectations!