Alexa Rank at work - and how to manage it, and other tracking systems allow anyone on the web to get the insight of your website’s authority and impact. Clients and advertisers may use it to check how serious you are and whether dealing with you makes sense. Their trust to your website directly correlates with its rank.

Let’s say you position yourself as an influencer. You need your potential partners to believe your homepage is influential, i.e. many people visit it and read content. This means you need a high Alexa rank. It is equally so if you run an online store, a service website and many other types of resources.

Alexa cannot tell the real amount of unique visitors your website gets, this data is private. It only estimates your traffic size with the help of a wide range of publicly accessible metrics. The estimate it derives is essentially a guess on the traffic you might have.

Alexa algorithms are growing more complicated as well as those of Google and other ranking systems. Despite their secrecy, we can assume that Alexa considers backlinks, banners, paid advertisement, and even the website’s position in Google search results for certain queries. Due to the massiveness of all these data, it takes Alexa months to update their rankings completely.

You can learn more on Alexa’s approach to website performance estimation from their blog article How are Alexa’s traffic rankings determined?

There are plenty of Internet users worldwide who have Alexa bar and other similar extensions (which Alexa partners with) installed in their browsers constantly tracking their surfing activity. To measure all the websites accurately this extension network would have to cover all the users, which is impossible, but in any case you might benefit your website rank by simply installing Alexa bar on your browser.

Can Alexa tell paid traffic from organic?

No. This data is concealed from Alexa by privacy limitations.

But you can benefit even greater if you open your traffic data to by applying to their Certified Alexa Rank service. To learn more on this, we refer you to their blog post Top 5 Benefits of Alexa Certified Metrics

When your website gets certified with Alexa (its price starts from 19.99$ monthly) and all the pages are enhanced with their traffic counter, Alexa starts tracking all your traffic. In most cases, the website’s rank soars.