Geo specific Alexa Rank to help you save on traffic

Most of the businesses operate locally. It is quite natural that running an electric tool store in downtown Bombay you wish to get traffic from this city or from India in general. Getting mass traffic from Brazil and Germany would increase your global ranking and improve your positions in Google search in general, but at a greater expense than if you select your specific region and only pay for traffic from there. Your website visibility will gallop to the top of Google search in India, and the rest of the world does not really matter.

At the same time, there are many online and international businesses nowadays that operate in two or three specific countries. Our service allows such businesses to apply their custom geo targeting to the packages they purchase.

To manage the country selection, click on the left list of countries to add new countries or on the right list to remove countries from your project.

The visits we deliver to your website will be randomly and evenly distributed among the countries you have included. Some difference in the actual amount of hits by the country can be produced by the physical parameters such as the distance to the country and the quality of the internet connection it has.

Why not go global?

The idea that any traffic is acceptable seems to be matter-of-course. As we already wrote before, the volume matters above anything else when it comes to increasing your Alexa ranking.

But in fact the geography matters too. See the four reasons why below.

1. Country Traffic Rank

Alexa calculates both global and country ranks. Your country rank depends on which country you get most of your visitors from. Naturally, your visibility with Google, as well as your clients’ and advertisers’ expectations, will grow primarily in the country where you are most popular.

2. Relevance to market

Even if you set no geographical limits to your audience (say, you sell information of software globally), your website is still fits one region better than to the rest of the world. This is defined by the default language and currency it features, and its design fits certain customer category and certain mentality better than the others. Buying traffic from a specific region, you cause traction in that region and get higher positions in local search results. Your visibility grows first and foremost around that area. So you are interested to purchase targeted traffic from the geographical area that is relevant to your real market.

3. Search engine relevance

Just like people, search engines have their geographical coordinates. and are essentially separate engines, and your advancement in one of them will not reflect on your performance on the other. So make sure you target your purchased traffic in accordance with your target region to be seen by real people in your region of operation.

4. Regional specialization and algorithms

It is empirically shown that the search engine algorithms are more likely to consider the website as useful and authoritative if it has a visible regional specialization, i.e. is visited mainly by users from specific areas, and not abstractly from around the globe.

To sum up, geo targeting is essential in order to get a champion Alexa ranking in the region of your interest.

Luckily, we offer all the needed tools for you to adjust the geo targeting for your project, quickly and easily. No matter what package you purchase, it features geo targeting options. We can send you traffic from any set of locations and countries you specify, e.g. Spain, India, US, and Argentina.

To make it even easier for you to geo target your traffic independently of where you’re from and where you want your website to become popular, we offer you plenty of payment options in your local currency.

We appreciate your comments, especially if you have questions or ideas!